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Our Products

Our Trout are available all year round nd can be bought fresh or smoked. Trout is very low in fat and calories but has high levels of Vitamins A & B, calcium, selenium and essential Omega-3 oils. It is quick and easy to prepare and can be cooked by virtually any method, from  a bonfire to a microwave!

All of our products are safe to freeze - and freeze very well - as indicated on the label, provided that the products have not been opened, have been stored correctly (i.e. kept below 5°C) and are frozen before the 'use-by'date on the label.
The prices listed below are the prices set from the 1st April 2016.

Need some inspiration?
Click Here to view some recipies that we have selected which are really great for showing off
the natural flavours of our fresh and smoked trout.

Cold Smoked Trout

We begin this process with a large 4-5lb trout, which would be around 2 years old. The fish are starved for 24 hours to ensure the best quality flesh, and once dispatched, gutted and filleted they are salted before being smoked. The term 'Cold Smoked' is as such because the fish are smoked without the use of any heat; thirteen hours at twenty-five degrees centigrade.

Once smoked, the bones are removed from the fish and it is skilfully sliced. The slices are laid out and vacuum packed straight away.

We suggest a serving of two ounces per portion, so an eight ounce pack would serve four.


2oz (57g) ........... £3.10 each

4oz (113g) .......... £5.10 each

8oz (227g) ......... 9.00 each

1lb (454g) ......... 16.25 each

Hot Smoked Trout

 For this product we use the 'portion size' trout that usually weigh in at 12 ounces. Once gutted and salted the fish are smoked at eighty-two degrees for three hours - hence the name 'hot smoked'.

Once they have finished being smoked, the fish are either packaged whole or are very carefully filleted and de-boned before being vacuum packed


Whole 6 - 8oz (170g - 227g) ............ £7.04/lb   £15.52/kg

Fillets 4 - 6 oz (113g - 170g) ........ £16.38/lb   £36.11/kg

Smoked Trout Terrine

The Trout terrine is our most popular product and definitely a speciality, and many of customers would agree that it has proven to be addictive! 

We use the cold smoked trout trimmings to make the terrine and balance it perfectly with lemon juice, parsley and cayenne pepper. We add unsalted butter and low fat all natural yoghurt to give it the smooth and rich product that is so loved by our customers. Perfect on hot toast or mix it up and try it with your jacket potato for ultimate indulgence.

Contains Dairy.


4 oz (113g) .............. £3.40

8oz (227g) ............... £5.75

1lb (454g) ................ £9.30

220z (624g) .............. £12.80

Smoked Trout Roulades and Spirals

Our Smoked Trout Roulades and Spirals are made with slices of our Cold Smoked Trout and Trout Terrine. The Roulades make delicious canapés and are great for parties or finger buffets - they never last long!

Our Spirals are portion sized and make the perfect instant starter for any meal.


Roulades Large (20-25 pieces, 170g)......... 9.30

Roulades Small (9 pieces, 70g) ................. £3.95

Pack of 4 Spirals (200g).............................. £9.60

Single Spiral (50g) ..................................... £2.85

Potted Hot Smoked Trout

Our newest product uses the trimmings of our Hot Smoked Trout plus fresh parsley, grated lemon zest, capers and cayenne pepper, brought together with low fat all natural yoghurt

The combination creates a deliciously fresh and textured product , all sealed under a layer of clarified butter. Delicious and a real contender for the terrine! You may have seen it at our markets, we are now getting into shops as well.


5oz (142g) .............. £4.75

Fresh Rainbow Trout

  These trout are gutted, washed and oven ready.

Small - Up to 1 lb
Medium - 1 to 5 lb

£4.70/lb   £10.36/kg

Large fish are available up to 10lb 


Fresh Trout Fillets - 4-8 oz

£8.00/lb    £17.64/kg

Fresh Native Brown Trout (When Available)

Small - Up to 1 1/2 lb
Medium - 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 lb

£6.05/lb £13.34/kg

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