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About Us

Chris and Janet Wood set up Mere Fish farm in 1982. Chris has a degree in Marine Biology and had previously managed and built fish farms in the South West and Wales. He took this experience and set up his own farm to bring great tasting trout to Mere. Janet is in charge of all the farmers markets that we visit across Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset, and is also famous for creating our most popular product - the smoked trout terrine.
Processing the trout began in Chris and Janet's converted garage; gutting the fish outside in a stainless steel sink. However, the demand soon outgrew their garage so a processing plant was purpose built, complete with 2 AFOS stainless steel smokers. The initial mixer used to create the terrine  (Janet's domestic Braun mixer!) was initially replaced with a small Robot Coupe that has now graduated to a huge one, mixing over 270 kgs of terrine a week!
Apart from our mixer, smoker and sealing machines, we still do all our packaging and production by hand, from salting the trout to labelling the final product. This allows us to make sure that everything that passes through our hands meets our high standards.


About The Farm

We have 8 members of staff within the fish farm and processing plant, all ably managed by Lee Norris. You will often meet Lee behind one of the stalls of the numerous farmers markets we attend in Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset, and if it isn't Lee you might be lucky enough to meet one of our other smiley market stall holders; Ruth, Josie, Ron, Emma or Janet herself!
The Farm is situated where the Wiltshire chalk downs meet the Kimmeridge clay, causing an abundance of natural springs to rise forming chalk streams - perfect water quality for trout farming!
We have a small shop onsite where we are happy to help if you are interested in buying any of our products, although we do recommend that you give us a call before dropping in to make sure we have what you are looking for in stock.


The fish take one year to grow from eggs before they are a 'portion-size', and another year to grow to the 4lb smoking sized fish. All our fish are fed the highest quality fish food in pure natural spring water and we ensure that all our trout see as little a delay as possible between their pond and your plate. They are despatched only a few feet from the ponds by very capable hands and are then sorted to be salted and smoked.


 We smoke our trout 2 to 4 times a week, depending on the season, and the fresh fish are delivered within 24 hours from when they leave their pond.

Our business delivers Tuesday - Friday, every week to local farm shops, delicatessens, community shops, pubs, restaurants, golf clubs and butchers as well as approximately 35 farmers' markets a month!

We can also send our products nationwide and we do mail order too which is particularly popular around Christmas!

We are now also offering local deliveries straight to your door for a minimum order charge of 30!



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